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Whether you are a trader, sales or die-hard crypto fan, you can invite your social network through DAF Referral Program and earn up to 40% commission. Copy your invite link on your Dashboard and share them across your networks.

Anyone who signs up through your Referral ID will become your referral. You can watch you earnings grow as your network of referrals blooms.

Earn 10-40% commission every time your friends make a subscription to Investment Products on DAF.

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For more details on DAF Referral Program’s commission scheme, contact us for more.

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Why become a DAF Affiliate?

  • Our commission structure encourages you to get unlimited referrals under your account. It accumulates monthly and allow you to get extra 10% bonus if you have reached outperforming target.
  • Promote a trusted investment platform

Partnering with us

Here are a few reasons why DAF makes a great referral partner.

1 High Commission

When you refer a new customer to DAF, you’ll earn referral commission (accumulated monthly) up to 40% of their Subscription Fee of Investment Product.

2 Extra Bonus

An extra 10% bonus of Total Referral Commission will be rewarded to you if you achieve more than 100k EUR in Total Subscription Amount.

3 Variety of Investment Products

We provide a variety of investment products that can meet your financial goals, risk profile, and social values. Many of our products meet social responsibility as we answer to a higher authority.

4 Licensed and Regulated

We are licensed and regulated under FCA, trusted by institutions and customers.

5 One Stop for all

We’re a one-stop shop for safely storing digital asset, customers can use DAF to hold digital assets they own.

6 Token Issuance

We issue private token projects for HNW individuals and companies to invest in DAF platform.

7 Simple to Use

Our platform is built with simplicity in mind, making it easier for almost any customer to invest in digital assets.

8 World-class Security

We employ world-class measures to ensure we provide the best possible security for our customers’ accounts, and we’re constantly striving to be the most trusted digital asset platform.

Commission Table

Subscription Amount (EUR) Referral Commission
Less than 50k 10%
More than 50k 40%

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