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1. Have bad experiences in trading? Make smart investment with Artificial intelligence (AI).

Utilize the Power of AI and Machine Learning

AI-based, quantitative analysis, is superior to human traders as a machine can analyze data at breadths and depths impossible for even a team of humans. The technology has been around for over 30 years but DAF is making it available en masse now.

Deliver Returns Under Different Market Conditions

Using proprietary Machine Learning tools, Graph Theory Analysis forms the basis for a systematic, qualitative trading program that analyzes data to deliver returns under different market conditions. We are able to profit in Bull, Bear or Rangebound markets, with lower portfolio volatility.

2. Prepare yourself for the future of digital finance.

Invest in the Best Assets in the Market

Are you planning to invest in digital assets? With more than 5000 digital asset in the market, choosing which is the best ones to invest in is no easy task. DAF simplifies the process with flexible allocation across our digital asset portfolio based on the latest market trends with the top 20 digital assets in terms of market capitalization.

Diversified Risks with Multiple Top Digital Assets

The top 20 market capitalization digital assets dominate the market. With DAF, risk is diversified in comparison to holding one or even multiple digital assets.

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